Dream of: 22 December 1980 "Havoc"

 My old friend Steve Buckner (whom I first met in 1967 when we attended the tenth grade together) and I had enlisted in a branch of the army. We received orders to travel to the interior of Russia in a large boat down a river. We sailed down the river and when we reached our destination, we briefly met several high ranking Russian officers. We then traveled back out and when we reached the ocean, we saw many large Russian ships on the horizon. We concluded that the United States had erred and deployed many of its forces in the interior of the continent, while Russia had assembled a massive navy on the ocean. Clearly, if a war were to begin, Russia would now have an unhindered hand to attack the United States.

I mentioned it was too bad we hadn't become better acquainted with the high ranking Russian officers we had met. If a war broke out, the United States would probably lose and we would lose our lives, but if we had known the Russian officers, we could have joined the Russian army as low ranking soldiers in some obscure battalion and survived.

We traveled on to the United States and disembarked at a seaside city. We walked along the streets and talked about how Russia wouldn't even have to use atomic weapons -- Russia could just fly in its planes and begin strafing the American cities with conventional bombs.

Many buildings around us had already apparently been hit by bombs and many were on fire. Apparently war had already broken out. Fire trucks were in the streets. The whole scene was havoc. People were running in all directions and apparently some people had fallen out of buildings. Buckner was trying to reach a certain place which I thought might be his home where he wanted to go, but the place turned out to only be a mailbox. Buckner had simply wanted to pick up his mail.

I asked him if he had received a letter from me. He said he hadn't, but that he had received one earlier. He pulled out some envelopes from the mailbox which contained some pictures. He laid two of the pictures on a table. He had recently had his picture taken and he was trying to decide which one to buy. The pictures were very dark and I couldn't distinguish the features very well. He chose one which was very idiotic looking.

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