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Dream of: 16 December 1980 "Turning Professional"

Around 7 a.m. Mike Saxby (a British national I had met while traveling in Mexico) and I had gone to a music store where someone had given us permission to play music. After we had sat down, Mike played the guitar and I played the flute. We thought, if we would play music together for five hours each day, we could turn into professional musicians and do the kind of work we liked. Mike said there was no other kind of work he would rather do. I agreed, but I told him I was more interested in writing songs than in actually playing music. Mike said he wasn't interested in writing songs himself.

A little later a black girl showed up. She was upset because we had had a key and had entered the store while nobody was there. She said that wasn't allowed. I told her we had been there the day before and had talked with the store's owner, who had given us permission to play music there. She said it was all right for us to stay there for the present, but either she or we would have to talk with the manager later to find out what the situation really was.

Perhaps 60 people, especially girls, showed up and sat all around. Up until then, Mike and I had just been practicing, but now I told him we needed to begin playing some pieces we knew. Some pieces we knew, but some pieces we didn't.

Mike began playing the guitar and he sounded pretty good. Suddenly a fellow behind me began playing a flute which was quite pretty and seemed to be made out of something like transparent fiberglass. The flute music sounded beautiful. After listening to the flute music, I didn't want to play my flute because I thought mine sounded terrible.

I asked the flutist if I could see his flute for a minute. He took my flute and I took his. When I had his flute in my hand, it looked like a regular flute. At first it looked new, but when I looked at it more closely it looked all twisted and bent. Apparently that was the way the flutist wanted it. When he said he had just bought the flute, I asked him how much he had paid and he said $695.

He began playing my flute and it sounded much better than when I had been playing it.

The embouchure of his flute was turned in such a way so it was parallel to the wall instead of the floor. I tried to blow on it, but I had difficulty. He said he realized playing the flute that way was difficult, but he said that he had been taught to play that way since he had first begun playing and that that was the correct way to play.

He asked me if I had any kind of music which I had written. I said, "No, not really."

He asked, "Nothing?"

I replied that I had only written some small pieces, but really not much of anything. I tried to think of something original which I had written.

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