Dream of: 03 December 1980 "Slashed Testicles"

I was in an Asiatic country, maybe Japan or China. Apparently I had been captured and was being held with some other Americans as a prisoner of war. But I still had a certain freedom of movement and I went out one morning to a Chinaman's house. He was apparently the commander of the place and I wanted to talk with him. But he wasn't there.

I realized I shouldn't be here. Another American was with me. As soon as we had a chance, we ran out of the house and hid in a little building which seemed more or less like a dog house. We waited in the little house for a while and I tried to think of a way to get back to where we had come from. The people here were very violent.

I waited a long time. I thought that apparently the American who was with me lived in this little house. I stared at him and told him to keep quiet so no one would realize two of us were in the little house.

Suddenly a strong-looking Asiatic character walked up to the house, reached his hand (which was clutching a knife) inside, and slashed my leg all the way around from one side to the other. Then he made a second slash and the second slash cut right across my testicles. I thought perhaps he had actually cut my testicles off. Apparently he had been ordered to cut one of my legs off and he was now performing his duty. I just sat as if I were in a state of shock, but I didn't feel any pain. I was in a state of shock at losing one of my legs and possibly one of my testicles at the same time.

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