Dream of: 02 December 1980 "Teaching Of Christ"

I was sitting with a fellow and a girl having a discussion about the bible. I did not agree with what the girl said, and to establish my point, I cited something I had read from the bible. I said that Christ had said something like, "You should not store treasures on earth. You should not keep things made of metal because they will turn to rust. Nor should you store things made of cloth because the moths will eat them. It is better to store things in the heavenly kingdom."

I then began trying to locate the quote in the bible. I had a concordance with me and I began looking for the word "rust" which I thought was the key word.

Meanwhile the fellow stood and decided to leave. He did not want to wait until I found the passage. I said, "Wait, Don't you want to hear her eat her words when I show her exactly where the passage is?"

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