Dream of: 01 December 1980 "Mauvais"

I was in Portsmouth, Ohio telling Bates (a former high school classmate) about some of my dreams. I spoke with him about the word "bad" and then about the French word "mauvais". I told Bates I had once had a dream in which I had been talking to him about the word "mauvais" and now in reality I was talking with him about it. I told him many things which I had previously dreamed were now actually happening in reality.

I encountered another fellow who reminded me of someone I used to know in Columbus, Ohio who had had a deformed hand. This fellow called himself something like Mike Watson.

Bates and I decided to go to the Holiday Inn in Rosemount, Ohio. We walked there and went inside. It was very dark inside; at first I was unable to see anything. A small red light in the room didn't help any. I heard other people in the room; they could see because their eyes were accustomed to the dark.

A band was playing softly. I thought Steve Buckner was there somewhere. I hollered out, "Buckner" and he answered saying, "Ja".

Almost immediately Buckner was standing by my side. He guided me to his table. I couldn't walk well because I couldn't see well. Bates and Buckner helped me over to the table. I then encountered the fellow called Mike Watson again. Mark Tindall was also there. Mike Watson was standing and Tindall was seated. I shook hands with Tindall. I thought Tindall might have some marijuana; I thought about asking him, but I didn't.

I couldn't remember Mike Watson's name and he said, "I'm Mike Watson."

I was happy to see him and I responded, "Yes, I remember."

Buckner looked as if he were intoxicated. He asked me if I had drunk any alcohol. I said, "A little, but very little."

I had drunk a little alcohol, but I wasn't intoxicated like Buckner.

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