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Dream of: 30 November 1980 (5) "Carrying A Purse At The Mall"

Clifford and I were talking together on the third or fourth floor of a large department store in a mall. Clifford was seated at one end of a long bench and I was at the other end. I was only wearing underwear and a tee-shirt. I had two blankets with me; I also had a woman's purse.

Mike Spencer (a high school schoolmate) showed up and walked up and down in front of the bench telling Clifford a dirty joke. But he didn't say anything to me. Then he left.

Clifford and I talked for a while longer. He apparently was waiting for Peggy to show up and he talked about Peggy. Finally Clifford also left.

I began thinking I would like to write a letter to Peggy. I was already writing to someone else, but I couldn't remember who. Suddenly, however, I remembered I had been writing to Wandelisa (an acquaintance I met in Puerto Rico).

Some young girls were nearby. The way one was standing, I was able to see her bare breasts. I couldn't help but look. I also looked down an escalator and could see the breasts of a woman going down the escalator.

I finally decided I needed to leave because I wasn't wearing any pants. Moreover, I still had the purse, which a woman had left with me. I wrapped the purse up in one of the blankets, put the other blanket over top of it and prepared to leave.

I would descend to the next floor and there buy a pair of pants. I did that and then left. I then went to the bottom floor of the store and then outside onto a large parking lot. Snow was all about.

My step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel were here; I began looking for their blue Cadillac. I walked around to the other side of the building looking for the car.

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