Dream of: 29 November 1980 "Fall From A Ledge"

It was as if I were watching a movie and at the same time as if I were the main actor. I was in a building and wanted to go from one part to the other, but the only way I could get there was to go out on a ledge and feel my way along the ledge until I reached another part of the building. It was dangerous. I had done it before. But I suddenly realized once I was out on the ledge that I hadn't done it in a long time.

There was much danger that I might fall. I saw several wasps nests and wasps. I was terribly afraid I was going to put my hand a wasp. I knew if a wasp stung me, I would definitely fall. I made it over to the other side. I saw some people down below and I waved to them and wished them well. They were leaving. They left.

A short time later I came back with them in a group on the ground below. We found the person who had been up on the ledge lying dead on the ground. He had fallen from the ledge.

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