Dream of: 27 November 1980 (4) "Coat Room"

I was on about the fourth floor of a large building which seemed to be on a college campus. I wanted to leave the building, but I didn't know how to get out. I opened many doors, but couldn't find the right one. Finally I found a door at the back of the building which led outside to a fire escape. I opened it and stuck my foot out.

A television set was sitting on the fire escape. It was rusted on the top. I began thinking that someone had probably been trying to steal the television set and had left it there on the fire escape.

A hole was in the floor of the fire escape for a ladder. There were also stairs going down. When I stuck my foot out, I almost fell through the hole. I pulled my foot back in. I looked around and found some stairs inside and descended them. I reached the bottom floor and saw a group of people. A coat room was here and the back door of the coat room was open. I looked in there and saw a woman hanging up a mink stole. I thought it would be possible for someone to steal the stole. A person could walk in the back door while the attendant was busy up front and steal the stole. I thought it was probably worth thousands of dollars. Then I saw some other people in the back of the coat room. Among them was a black woman.

I walked on around to the front of the coat room. There I found a large group of very elegantly dressed people. I saw musical instruments hanging on the walls. I saw violins and violas. I thought there was obviously going to be a concert and these were the people who were going to play in the concert. This was the excitement before the concert.

I stood next to a well dressed man. Another person came along and was preparing to take a picture of the people here. I then realized I didn't even have a shirt on and I felt ashamed. I left out the back door.

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