Dream of: 27 November 1980 "Big Gob Of Worms"

Around 8 a.m. I awoke in the Gallia County Farmhouse. Around 8:30 I walked outside and played football and around 9:30, my mother called me back inside. I walked back into the Farmhouse, went to the bathroom and sat down on the commode. My mother walked into the bathroom and asked me to open a small can of spray deodorant for her. I had just finished defecating and asked her if she minded if I wiped first. When she said I had to open the can first, I responded, "No, I have to wipe first."

I went ahead and wiped. When I had finished, I didn't bother to pull my pants up; I just sat on the commode completely exposed. My mother handed me the can and left the bathroom while I was still holding the can. After I had twisted the can open, my mother walked back into the bathroom and I handed the can to her. She left and I pulled my pants back up.

After I walked out of the bathroom, I decided I wanted to go fishing. I walked outside to the field beside the Farmhouse and I began digging for worms with a mattock, but I couldn't seem to find any worms. My step-grandfather Clarence and my brother Adolph were also in the field digging worms. They were turning over piles of manure and having great success.

After they stopped, I began turning over piles of manure, but I still didn't find any worms. Finally I turned over a pile of manure and found a big gob of worms all together. I picked them up, held them in my hands and said, "Just look at that."

Clarence said, "Well how about that. "

After I threw the worms in a bucket. I asked Clarence and Adolph where they were going to go fishing and they said they were going to someplace called "Maple Grove." They didn't invite me but I didn't really want to go to Maple Grove anyway.

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