Dream of: 26 November 1980 "Broken Glass In The Snow"

Rembert Glass (an old college professor) and I were standing beside Rembert's car in  a spot where we had pulled up on a little dead-end dirt road in the country. Since the road was muddy, I was concerned Rembert's car might become stuck.

I had a pile of rocks, some bright and pretty; I told Rembert he could toss my rocks in the mud puddles so his car wouldn't get stuck (even though I didn't want to use them for that purpose). I walked away for a moment and when I turned back, Rembert was busily throwing the rocks into the mud puddles. I walked over and began helping him.

Beside the road Rembert had been building a log cabin in which he apparently was going to live. He had already laid four logs, one for each wall. In the middle of the logs he had built a large fire and nearby had stacked some piles of wood which he had chopped for the fire. I walked up to the fire and said to Rembert, "You know, it's a shame you have such a large fire going when there's no one else around."

He said that was OK because that was what it was for.

My mother unexpectedly walked up and began discussing with Rembert another house nearby and how it could be remodeled. When she had finished talking with Rembert, she and I left together. 

She and I soon boarded a plane with my father. I didn't want to stay on the plane, however, and I was able to get off. I walked off down the road, intending to go to my one-room Cabin I had built on the Farm. As I walked along the road, my father's plane landed near me and he jumped out. He was angry; he said I was going with him whether I liked it or not. I told him I wasn't going to go. He wanted to fight and said he would kill me if I didn't go with him. I prepared to defend myself; I slung my fist and lightly hit him on the jaw. My mother stopped him from fighting.

I escaped down the road, where I saw a row of houses. I slipped behind one; I thought I would circle around behind the house and my father would never be able to find me.

Snow was on the ground and I noticed footprints in it. Inside the footprints were pieces of broken glass and broken jars. The snow and glass were red with blood.

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