Dream of: 25 November 1980 "Going to Law School"

I saw Phil Waddell dressed in an elegant suit, standing beside his father in a room. I walked up to him and asked him how he was doing. He seemed a bit reserved at first, but then said he was studying in college. He said he was only carrying a load of about nine hours. I gathered he was studying German. I was happy to hear that and spoke a few words of German to him. Then I said, "Good, maybe we can get together sometime and speak some German."

I then turned around and saw Clifford, who seemed older. We began talking and I told him, "Yea, I think I'm going to go to law school."

He said, "Oh really?"

I told him I had taken the Law School Admission Test. He said, "Well I know if you make over 600 on the test you can get in."

I said, "Thatís right. I made 600."

He said, "Well you'll probably be accepted."

I replied, "Oh yea. There's just no doubt about it. I will be."

He asked, "Will you be starting soon or will you be starting next May?"

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