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Dream of: 24 November 1980 "Hangman's Noose"

I was walking around a high school study hall carrying two pieces of rope in my hand. While I looked for something high overhead over which I could throw the rope so I could pull myself up, I was making a hangman's noose with one piece of rope.

I walked over to a table and sat down. Phil Wood (a former junior high classmate) and Bushman (a former Portsmouth acquaintance) walked up and sat by me. Then two other people walked up and sat down. I was sitting at the head of the table and to my right was a small boy and next to him was Bushman. On my left was Wood and next to him some other person.

Bushman pulled a couple marijuana joints out of a cigarette box. I looked at them and asked, "Oh, are you selling those?"

I wanted to buy one. He said, "No, we're going to try them out."

He handed one to Wood and Wood lit it up right there in the study hall. They passed it around until it came to me; I took a hit. The joint circled around the table and came back to me a second time. I took another hit. I was apprehensive that the teacher would see us, but we just continued smoking anyway.

All at once I noticed someone standing behind Wood who looked like a mullah from Iran. Ashes were all over the table and the joint butt was still lying burning on the table. The mullah looked at us, but apparently he didn't notice anything.

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