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Dream of: 23 November 1980 "Ugly Women"

temples and churches are intrinsically similar

I walked into a Hare Krishna temple where I thought some classes were to be given. I wanted to study, but I had arrived at the wrong hour.

After entering, I encountered a long line of about fifty women wearing the Hare Krishna type clothing. As I walked along the line, one girl accompanied me, and I said to her, "All these women are so ugly. Every one of them."

The girl became very angry and said, "You shouldn't say every one of them."

Dream Commentary of December 19, 2014

The church and the Dream Journal are similar in three main ways. First, the physical church resembles the Dream-Journal web site. Second, the church members are similar to the Dream-Journal members. Third, the members of the church have beliefs about their religion just as the members of the Dream Journal have beliefs about their dreams.

Aesthetically speaking, I find that my perception of the beauty of each of these three aspects of the church closely parallels my perception of the beauty of the three aspects of the Dream Journal. I have generally found churches to be physically beautiful, just as I find the Dream-Journal web site to be beautiful. The characters of church members is a mixed bag - some beautiful, some not - just as I perceive the characters of the members of the Dream Journal to be sometimes beautiful, sometimes not.

The third aspect, beliefs, however is the part of the church where I discover ugliness. I perceive ugliness because much - not all - of what is believed in churches or temples or mosques is simply untrue. The lies propagated in churches are ugly. I find this to also be true on the Dream Journal and view many of the parapsychological beliefs which some members of the Dream Journal try to propagate as ugly lies.

On the positive side, the Dream Journal itself is beautiful. Many of the characters on the Dream Journal radiate beauty. And some of the beliefs held on the Dream Journal reach to the core of beauty.

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