Dream of: 22 November 1980 (2) "Unchained Hog"

I was behind a garage which vaguely reminded me of a garage behind my sister's house. I was looking at my bicycle which was fastened by a lock for which I had lost the key. I picked up a rock and pounded the lock. Part of the lock broke off and scattered in different directions, but the lock was still fastening the bike. I searched the ground and finally found a spring which had snapped out of the lock. At first I was unsure the spring had come from the lock because the spring was tinted green as if from corrosion; but I decided the spring was indeed from the lock.

I gave up and walked over to a large nearby grocery store. Inside, I saw my father and a lady with him standing in line. I didn't approach him at first I waited until he was outside, then I walked out and stopped him. I told him I had lost my key and that the lock was stuck on the bike. I knew he had a key that he might lend me. He handed me his key.

He then walked back to my bike with me. When we reached the bike, we not only found the bike, but a large hog which belonged to my father. I told my father the hog didn't have a chain and might run away. He said it would be OK, that hogs usually didn't run away, even when they weren't chained.

A pile of corn was nearby; I told my father I would give an ear of the corn to the hog.

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