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Dream of: 03 November 1980 "The Grandson"

While I was at the Grandview Avenue House in Portsmouth, Ohio, I was thinking of asking either Debi, Sussie, or Jane (girls whom I had known when I had been in high school in Portsmouth) for a date. Since I did not have a car, I thought I would ask my mother if I could borrow hers, and since I figured my mother already knew I was planning to ask her, I walked into the room where she was and hinted around that I wanted to use her car. She quickly informed me that she was not going to let me use it. Finally I said, "Look, I'm going to ask you once, and one time only. Can I use your car tonight?"

"No," she replied.

Her response angered me. After I walked into the back bedroom and found my old high school friend, Steve Buckner, there, I decided I was going to take my mother to bed. I took off my clothes, walked back into the room where my mother was and brought her back into the bedroom. Although she was also nude, she still caused me difficulties because she did not want to go to bed with me. I nevertheless managed to force her into the bed between myself and Buckner, who was likewise nude.

I climbed on top of her, put my face between her legs and had a tremendous climax. I seemed to ejaculate about ten times and part of the sperm even shot into my mouth. I began thinking that I had not had an orgasm for about a week. After I finally rolled down between my mother's legs and off the bed, I stood up and looked around for something to wipe off the sperm, which had caused a real mess.

Now Steve was going to try to have sex with my mother. He had a little boy with him who looked as if he were about a year old. Steve took the little boy, stuck its head down into my mother's crotch and said, "This is your grandson. Your grandson is growing up."

I concluded that my mother somehow had had a grandson by Steve.

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