Dream of: 02 November 1980 "Movie Projector"

Mike Metrinko (an American whom I had met in 1978 when he was a consul in Iran) was in a gymnasium with a group of young people and myself, and he was going to show us a movie he had made. He began the projection, but then he realized I was holding a metal light stand which he had set up as part of his equipment. He came over to me and emphatically told me not to let go until he turned off the projector. Otherwise I would be burned in two.

I held on as he slowly slowed down the projector. I felt an electric charge pulsing through me which grew in intensity. But the charge wasn't painful. I wanted to let go, but I knew if I did, I would die. I held on for what seemed to be a very long time. Finally it stopped and with a gigantic sigh of relief, I let go. I commented to him how dangerous the set up was and how any child could grab it and be killed. He came over and told me he was ready to begin again and if I wanted I could run the projector this time. I saw the projector was a hand-held affair which looked like a home movie camera. I noticed the number "20" on it and I asked him what kind it was. He didn't seem to know. He said it had only cost $20 and that the light stand I had been holding had also cost $20.

Instead of running the projector, I took off my clothes, got into a bed, and crawled under some covers. I felt in an awkward position because I wanted to get back up and run the projector, but there were several girls around. I picked up my pants, pulled them under the covers and began putting them on. When I had them half way up, I put my feet on the floor. As I did that, I pushed the bed (which had wheels) away from me. The cover fell off and there I stood with my butt exposed. I quickly pulled up my pants. But the girls saw me and laughed about my red face.

Then I began helping with the projector.

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