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Dream of: 27 October 1980 "Pies Vinculados"

I was in Portsmouth, preparing to go out with my father, my mother, Kay, Seeley (an employee of my father) and another woman who was a girl friend of my father. My mother suddenly became upset, however, because Kay and the other woman were going, and she decided not to go. We all (except my mother) boarded a car and headed for the restaurant/bar at the Ramada Inn in Portsmouth.

I had recently had my hair cut in a burr so the hair was only about a half centimeter from the skin. I had practically no hair. I had also smeared Vaseline on my face and sprinkled baby powder all over my forehead, neck and the right and left sides of my face; but my cheeks didn't have anything on them. The powder wasn't visible in normal light it could only be seen under a black light where it looked like a white mask. I was quite a sight to behold.

When we walked into the Ramada Inn, I asked Kay if she could see the stuff on my face and she replied, "No, not at all."

Everybody ordered drinks and I ordered a pia colada. I really didn't want to drink anything alcoholic because I wanted to stop drinking alcohol, but I ordered the drink anyway.

All the drinks were brought to us; mine was in a tall cup only about one tenth full. I was given a glass of ice to go with the drink. I thought I might like some milk to mix with the drink, but my father's girlfriend told me I would have to buy the milk at the bar or from a vending machine.

I poured my drink over the ice. There seemed to be a great deal of the liquid perhaps enough for two or three drinks. I became upset when I spilled some on my leg and the liquid seemed to completely soak my pants leg. I took a drink; even without milk it tasted excellent.

I stood, walked around and saw a fellow who had six or seven parrots and little birds. Their feet were tied and they were standing on the edge of the fellow's table. The birds were colorful and had intricate designs in their feathers. One was green with yellow designs.

I felt sorry for the birds. I walked up to the fellow and began talking to him in Spanish (I thought he spoke Spanish). Apparently the birds were for sale and he thought I was interested in buying them. I mentioned the "pies vinculados" (tied feet) of the birds and told him it wasn't good for the poor birds to be tied up like that.

I walked away from him and fetched a carton of milk. By the time I returned to my table and sat down, I was becoming fairly exuberant, and when my father told me not to get carried away, I said, "Look, I know what I'm doing. I know how to drink. It's just that I become exuberant when I drink."

The fellow with the birds packed them up. When he and another fellow walked over to our table, sat down on each side of me and began talking to me, I felt as if they were suffocating me. Apparently they still thought I wanted to buy some birds, but I quickly let them know I thought their tying up the birds was terrible. The two fellows were too close to me; they seemed to be closing in. Suddenly I jumped up, pointed at both of them and blurted, "Don't you touch me. If you so much as touch me I'm going to call the police."

I thought if warned them with those words and if they then bothered me, they could be arrested for assault. Both men looked as if they were ready to jump up and fight. Everyone at my table and probably everyone in the bar was astounded. No one knew what was going on.

When one of the fellows picked up a milk carton and began drinking the milk, I blurted, "And don't drink my milk."

Three milk cartons were sitting on the table I had only bought one. The fellow looked at me defiantly and continued drinking the milk. He poured some milk into a bottle. As I watched him, I said, "Well maybe that is your milk there."

I decided not to press the point.

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