Dream of: 26 October 1980 "Rear View Mirror"

I boarded the back seat of a car where my sister was sitting. My mother was driving up front. My sister was wearing a pair of shorts; I put my hand between her legs and began rubbing her.

We seemed to be heading into Wheelersburg, Ohio about 15 kilometers from Portsmouth on State Route 139. When we passed a certain house, my mother said that a man named Snuffy McCane lived there and that he was the smartest man around.

Although I was worried my mother might be able to see my sister and me through the rear view mirror, I continued feeling my sister and I even unzipped her pants. I was afraid my mother might have heard the zipper, but apparently she hadn't. I stuck my hand inside my sister's pants and I began feeling around. I pulled her pants and panties on down. I thought about pulling my pants down and actually having intercourse with my sister right there. I put both my hands between her legs and separated them. Obviously she was becoming aroused.

Suddenly my mother stopped at a stop sign, turned her head around and leaned over to see what we were doing. I immediately leaned over top my sister to cover her so my mother couldn't see anything, but my mother put her hand over the seat and felt to see if my sister's pants were down. Obviously my mother had suspected what was going on. My mother discovered my sister's pants were down; I knew immediately my mother knew what I had been doing.

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