Dream of: 21 October 1980 (2) "A Fury"

I awoke at the 29th Street House and rose from bed around noon. Around 1 o'clock I walked down into the basement where I encountered Beth Griffith (a woman I had met in Portsmouth), who also seemed a little like Carolyn. We were there for a definite reason. We climbed into bed and began kissing. We quickly took off all our clothes and prepared to have sex. I rolled over on my back and she mounted me. I was ready to begin having intercourse when suddenly I heard the door slam upstairs; I heard steps on the stairs.

I feared my mother had arrived. I grabbed the sheet on the bed, threw it over top of us, and hollered out, "Mom, don't come in here. Don't come in here."

The person kept coming down the stairs until I saw she was Vickie, screaming like a fury! She looked as if she were pregnant. She said she was going to teach me. She grabbed my plaid brown and white pants off a table to throw at me and screamed, "I'll teach you!"

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