Dream of: 21 October 1980 "Good Deed"

a voice will lead you

and always show the right way

listen for the voice

egotism ruins the soul

I had returned to Portsmouth, Ohio one Saturday and had gone folk dancing at a church where I used to folk dance. I saw Beth Griffith (a woman I had met in 1977 at folk dancing) and I asked her how she had been. When she in turn asked me how I had been, I told her that I had just returned from Mexico, that I had been away for a month and that I was sorry to be back. I said that at least in Portsmouth, however, I could collect unemployment insurance which I wouldn't have been able to collect in Mexico.

I saw Vickie (whom I had also met at folk dancing in 1977 and who became my steady girlfriend for a few months) sweeping the floor. She had become quite overweight. She and I didn't actually look right at each other.

Everyone was fully clothed except me - I was shirtless and rather dirty. When people began sitting down at two or three long tables, I looked for a seat for myself. I saw Vickie at one table, but I went to another table. On one side of the table was a well-dressed fellow and an attractive blonde girl. I thought about sitting in an empty seat next to them, but instead, I sat down on the other side of the table next to Beth, who began talking incessantly.

It seemed that we were at a game show and that someone had asked a question which we all had to answer. The question was, "Name one good deed that you recently did in the morning."

I began thinking. Beth kept talking and she said that she couldn't think of anything. Exasperated by her constant prattle, I told her that a good deed she could have done would have simply been to be quiet in the morning.

For myself, I couldn't think of a single good deed which I had done. I could only think of once when I had taken my crippled brother Chris (1957-1974) to the Scioto County fair; but that had been perhaps 15 years earlier. I simply couldn't think of anything else.

Dream Commentary of December 18, 2014

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