Dream of: 20 October 1980 "Return From Puerto Rico"

After returning to Portsmouth from Puerto Rico, I went to Wall's house and told him about some of my experiences in Puerto Rico. My step-grandfather Clarence was also there. I mentioned that Ramey had visited me in Puerto Rico.

It was getting late and it seemed Walls and I had been drinking some alcohol. Walls pulled out a baggie of marijuana and asked me how long it had been since I had smoked. I told him it had been over two weeks and I really didn't want to smoke. He lit up a joint, began passing it around and talked about how good it was. I told him I had smoked some good Puerto Rican marijuana with Ramey when Ramey had visited me in Puerto Rico. We had smoked it at Fugitt's (a former high school schoolmate) house in Puerto Rico.

The joint came around to me. I took a hit and then passed it on. The joint came back and I took another hit. Suddenly I felt terrible about smoking because I had told myself I wasn't going to smoke anymore. I felt absolutely miserable.

My step-grandfather Clarence, also smoking, asked me about Ramey's visiting me in Puerto Rico.

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