Dream of: 19 October 1980 "Door Maker"

I went to the University of Rio Piedras, where I was preparing to take the Law School Admission Test. I arrived at the same place where I had taken the test on October 11, but this time the test was being given in a different building and I had a difficult time finding the room. I was carrying a blue card which had several numbers on it. The number of the room I was looking for was H-2. Finally I saw a girl and I asked her if she knew where the exam was being given. She said this was the place. I looked around, but I still didn't see any door with H-2 on it. But finally I saw it, walked in and took a seat at a table. The seat was actually more like a board, because it was only about five centimeters wide. On my left was a girl and on my right was another girl. The board in front of me stretched far away on my left, but to my right it was only about a half meter long.

The girl on my right wore a top which made her breasts look large. I glanced at them.

I dropped a large manila envelope I was carrying on the floor and some things fell out.

Suddenly I heard a flute, turned around to my left and saw a fellow in the far corner of the room two rows behind me playing it. I was surprised to hear him playing some trills. I asked to see his flute. He had started to pull the head piece out, but then he handed the flute to me and I pushed the head piece back in. On the head piece was some kind of metal flap not normally found on a flute. The flute was heavy and weighed a lot on the head end. I put the flute to my mouth and began playing. The notes came out and sounded all right. But the woman up front obviously was unhappy with my playing the flute and she said, "Oh yes, I heard that you had been making doors, that you had became a door maker."

I assumed she meant that my flute playing wasn't good and that I should be out making doors instead of playing the flute.

Suddenly I was sitting at a cafeteria-like table instead of in front of the board. A fellow behind me with short hair was talking English. The fellow who had handed me the flute was now sitting on my left. I handed him back his flute. He said he had bought it in Fort Lauderdale.

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