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Dream of: 10 October 1980 "Bird In Flight"

I was lying on my back, trying to keep from falling off a raft being pulled by a motor boat driven by my father and my mother in the harbor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. When the boat suddenly speeded up,  I fell into the water. I swam to the bank and climbed up on shore. The sand on the beach was snow-white and had a consistency pleasant to the touch.

I saw an old man who looked a bit like a man with whom I had recently had an argument on a bus. He apparently lived on the beach. When I asked him if he had a cover to use at night, he said he just used the sand.

Across the bay I could clearly see a beautiful, snow-capped mountain which I called Kilimangaroo. It rose almost perpendicularly and clouds swirled around the summit. Wondering if anyone had ever climbed it, I thought someone surely had.

The sun was beginning to set; it was spectacular. Other people showed up and lay down all around us. I noticed people putting up a fence.

The surroundings had changed. The bay no longer stretched out in front of me. Instead of on the shore, I seemed to be sitting in what appeared to be bleachers. When I heard someone say the rock band "Three Dog Night" would be appearing shortly, I was enthused. I wanted to see them and it wasn't going to cost anything.

Someone came along trying to sell paintings. I didn't look at them closely, but I saw some paintings by famous painters such as Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall.

The band members came out and began tuning up. I wondered what would happen if someone would try to sell marijuana there, and then I thought I saw someone selling pounds of marijuana for $350.

All three members of the band each lit up a joint and shared it with people in the audience. One member of the group was a woman who looked like the singer Mama Cass. She offered me her joint and told me not to mouth it. I toked it.

Some commotion began. The woman became upset and we went around back. A large light had burnt out and was lying on the floor on its side.

I saw the man again who was selling the artwork and I immediately became interested in some paintings by Chagall, but I kept saying the paintings were by Picasso. The man had several paintings, one hanging over the other. They were cheap. One large one which only cost $35 interested me. It was a type of combination of stitching and painting. It was folded in half and I couldn't open it all the way, but I did open it partially. It appeared to be a large bird in flight. I thought of offering $25 for it.

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