Dream of: 07 October 1980 "Splendid Vista"

Upton had a beautiful custom-built car. In the car, Upton had driven Ramey, Weinstein and me up a mountain, more than a kilometer high, somewhere in New York. Ramey, Upton and Weinstein seemed quite different from their normal selves; I almost didn't even recognize them. Ramey and I had taken some LSD.

Ramey told Upton he would give him $25,000 for the car.

The road was narrow and seemed too dangerous to me. I was frightened and wanted to leave the car. Finally I jumped out of the car while it was still moving. The car went on a little ways not far from me and then Weinstein and Upton jumped from the car, leaving Ramey to go on alone. Finally one of the wheels of the car went off the cliff.

I looked over the cliff and was frightened. The vista was splendid, but I was afraid I was going to fall. Suddenly seven or eight other people showed up around me. One had a radio and began to play it loudly.

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