Dream of: 06 October 1980 "More Powerful Than Christ"

While I was in a new bar on Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth, Ohio, Ron Bell (a rough-hewn employee in my father's cellulose insulation manufacturing company in 1979) walked in and sat down at my table two chairs away from me. He reached out with one of his long arms, put it around my head and rubbed the back of my head in a pleasant way. I moved into a chair closer to Bell, still leaving an empty chair between us.

Some children (only 15-16 years old) in the bar were talking about playing a game which they had found in a book (they didn't have the book with them at the moment). One kid said that when he played the game, he would be ten times more powerful than Jesus Christ, and apparently he would then tell the other kid what to do. They kept talking about the game and one kid kept asking questions.

Bell said something about my father having accused him of taking someone named John Ford or John Smith out to the Gallia County Farm. Apparently that person was now out there running around in the hills. Bell said he hadn't taken that person out there, although he had once been out there with him and had smoked some marijuana with him. I said, "Man, I smoked some good Puerto Rican grass when I was in Puerto Rico."

Bell's eyes lit up when he heard that. I said, "Well, do you have any?"

When he pulled out a tightly rolled baggie and handed it to me, I asked, "How much is that?"

He said he was charging $15 for a joint and he asked me if I wanted to buy it. When my old friend Steve Buckner (who had been sitting on the other side of the table) walked around to our side, I thought that I might buy half and that Buckner could buy the other half. I asked Bell how good the marijuana was. When he said it was pretty good with alcohol, I figured the pot was just average. I handed the pot back to Bell because I didn't want to hold it right there in the bar. After sticking the baggie back in his pocket, Bell pulled out a joint and lit it up. My mouth was watering for it. I wanted to smoke, but people were all over the place and I didn't really want to smoke in front of everyone. Bell passed the joint to someone to his left, who then handed it to Buckner, who handed it to a fellow behind me. The fellow stood up. He really wanted to smoke, but as soon as he had the joint in his hands, he just passed it on to me and said he was too conservative to smoke. I could tell he simply didn't want to smoke in front of all the people there.

Smoking in front of everyone likewise bothered me, but unable to resist, I took a deep hit. I looked around and saw Phil Wood (a former high school classmate) in the back of the bar looking at me. I thought I also saw Debbie King (another former high school classmate) with Wood. 

After I had toked, I noticed three men in suits to my left and I felt that something was wrong. I immediately extinguished the joint, stuck it in my mouth and swallowed it. Suddenly the man right behind me said, "All right. Let's stand up. Get any pills you have out of your pockets."

I stood up. I knew that I didn't have any kind of drug on me. The man said, "Do you have your wallet with any kind of identification?"

In a very weak voice I said, "No, sir, I don't."

As I just stood there, Bell also stood up.

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