Dream of: 05 October 1980 "Snake Venom"

While living in an upstairs room in a house in Puerto Rico, I went to a store and looked around for some sugar which I needed for my cereal. I found some big round cans of sugar, each only about a fourth full, which contained a little over two pounds. Each can cost $2.19. I also found various smaller bags of sugar: half pound, one pound and two pound bags. Prices for those bags ranged from 89 cents for the small one to $2 for the large one. I debated whether I should buy the big can, the big bag, or just a little bag. Finally I decided to buy the little bag.

I returned to my room, which was in a terrible mess. Dirty clothes were lying all over the place. Apparently the night before I had taken all my dirty clothes out of the closet and pilled them up and somehow they had gotten scattered around. I was trying to throw the clothes back into the closet when my landlady and another woman walked in. My landlady commented that I still needed my mother to pick things up for me. I agreed with her that I did need someone to pick things up for me.

Should I have a phone installed? I was going to have a roommate soon; I could buy a small key-lock to put on the phone if I had a roommate. But did I really want to pay out $50 for a phone?

Somehow I came into contact with a snake. I had the idea that if I were to drink the venom of a snake, the venom would act like an hallucinogenic drug. I began squeezing the snake trying to extract its venom. When the venom came out, it was like white milk. I drank the venom and fell over dead.

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