Dream of: 04 October 1980 "Impossible Journey"

I was reading a vivid novel (so vivid I seemed to actually be viewing the scenes in person) about a man and his wife fleeing across the United States from the northeast westward with a group of six or seven young people. I looked at a rather strange map of the area where the people were traveling; the country on the map didn't look like the United States; rather it looked like Norway and Finland. As the man and his wife continued their journey, they and a Chinaman were captured (the rest of the party wasn't captured).

The three of them were taken to some kind of mental institute. Papers were produced; the man and his wife didn't know the Chinaman, but the husband noticed the Chinaman's name and picture on one of the papers "Hang Why Po." This was the first time the husband had ever seen the Chinaman's name. The paper also said the Chinaman had committed sexual crimes in Ohio. Up until this point the husband had assumed the Chinaman was a decent fellow; the husband didn't say anything about what he had seen on the paper.

The authorities who had arrested the three didn't recognize the Chinaman as the man on the paper he hadn't been arrested for the crime mentioned on the paper; he was simply being held with the husband and the woman.

On the first night on which the three were held, all three walked out onto an area which resembled a stage. A man busily cleaning up the stage suddenly began dashing around the stage in dance-like motions. He was obviously insane; as well as could be interpreted, he appeared to be acting out some fantasies.

The husband then walked into a neighboring room where he was promptly attacked by a gigantic woman who spat a large wad of spit in his face; it was an awful sight. The husband wiped off the spit and threw it on the ground.

Finally the husband and his wife managed to escape, leaving the Chinaman behind. The husband and wife returned to their car where the other young people were still waiting. They began driving up and down hills on what seemed like an impossible journey. The phrase "impossible journey" even seemed to echo in the air. The land was barren; ice and snow were everywhere. Their car was very old practically a Model "T." Nevertheless they continued to drive, until the weather began to improve and became warmer.

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