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Dream of: 02 October 1980 "Queers"

While I was in Portsmouth, my friend Steve Weinstein picked me up in his car and we decided to go out drinking alcohol. I had been in Portsmouth the night before and had drunk quite a bit. I thought about how the real reason I had come to Portsmouth was just to become intoxicated.

Weinstein pointed out his new pair of brown leather boots for which he had just paid $70. I admired them and then looked at mine. We noted how the heel and the toe of mine were wearing down and how they were becoming scratched.

We went to the Stag Bar, walked in and saw two men sitting there who looked very much alike. One greeted me and asked me if I knew who he was. I said, "Sure. You're Jim Mauntell. Or is it Tim Mauntell?"

I was unsure what his first name was. He said, "No. Meet my brother."

Apparently the fellow with whom I was talking was the brother of Jim Mauntell, who was sitting next to him. I said hello to Jim and commented how he had had his front tooth fixed. It had been broken in half before. He smiled and said, "Yea."

But then I said, "Or else you're just sticking chewing gum there to make it look fixed."

And indeed it actually was chewing gum that he had stuck there.

Many people were in the bar and somehow I was able to precipitate a fight. About half the men in the place lined up on one side of the bar and half on the other. A few began fighting, but most, like I, just backed away and watched. One poor fellow was beaten rather badly and then thrown outside.

I began looking for Weinstein but couldn't find him. I walked outside and to my chagrin discovered that Weinstein was the fellow who had been beaten so badly and thrown out.

All the people began clearing out of the bar and disembarking in sundry cars. I shouted at them that they were all queers. I was terribly angry that they had beaten Weinstein.

We boarded Weinstein's car and drove away. He actually hadn't fared too badly, because he had covered his face with his arms. His leg had a big bruise where he had been kicked. I touched the bruise and felt that it was already swelling.

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