Dream of: 30 September 1980 "Burned House"

I was talking with my father in his office in the Gay Street House. One of my father's employees, Seeley, was present and I thought about asking Seeley if he could obtain some marijuana for me. I wanted to smoke some pot and I thought Seeley would probably know where to find it. Since my father was there, however, I decided not to say anything about the pot, and Seeley left.

When Seeley returned with another person a few minutes later, we walked out to his car and Seeley asked me if I would like to buy some marijuana. After I told him I might want to buy about $10 worth, we boarded his car and drove away. After he pulled a baggie of marijuana from his pocket and rolled a joint, we rode around smoking it until we finally returned to the House.

When we pulled up, we could see there had been a fire inside the first floor of the House; apparently the fire had been Seeley's fault. My father was busily stripping the burnt wood from the interior walls of the House and stacking it outside. He had also carried out some badly burned old real estate signs which had been stored on the second floor. One sign said, "For Rent."

I wanted to speak with my father and tell him the fire looked problematic for his insurance agency, but before I could get out of the car, Seeley pulled out the baggie and started to give me part of the marijuana in it. Since I had thought he was going to give me the whole baggie for $10, I asked him what he was doing. He told me he had only intended to give me half the marijuana in the baggie for $10.

When my father abruptly walked over to the car, I cautioned Seeley, "Be careful. Here comes my father."

Seeley quickly put the marijuana in a handkerchief so my father didn't see it. Nevertheless, I still thought my father somehow knew what was going on. When my father reached the car, Seeley had already slipped out, leaving me sitting in the back seat. My father walked up and asked, "How does the House look now?"

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