Dream of: 04 September 1980 "To Strangle"

My sister was sitting on a raised platform which resembled a desk, while I was sitting on the lower side of the desk. We were playing a rather silly game with some peaches. Some peaches had been bitten or cut, but most were still whole. I would take a peach and roll it toward my sister (who was sitting with her legs spread apart) with enough force so the peach would rebound into my hands after it had hit her. Finally my sister complained I was hurting her nuts. I told her females didn't have nuts, but she protested they did. My sister took the peaches and was going to roll them at me. Each time she was ready to roll the peach, however, I snatched it away.

She and I then boarded a gray van and left with her driving. Roleen (a girl with whom I attended Portsmouth High School in the late 1960s) was sitting in the back of the van holding a baby. I asked Roleen about Marjean (a former high school schoolmate). Roleen said Marjean was still around and was dating some fellow, although she (Roleen) didn't think the relationship was anything steady. Roleen said she and Marjean sometimes went to a bar in New Boston, Ohio. I told her that I knew where the bar was and that I had once been there, but actually I wasn't thinking of the bar in New Boston, but a bar in Chillicothe called the Big Wheel, which I had visited several times.

Suddenly my sister said she was stepping out of the van. I didn't pay much attention to what my sister had said and I continued talking to Roleen. Roleen was unmarried at the present, but it seemed she had once been married. I questioned her about it, but she avoided my questions.

Suddenly I realized my sister was no longer driving the van. We were still traveling terribly fast along the road, definitely in a dangerous predicament. With much effort, I ran to the front of the van, which seemed extremely long. I also suddenly realized the van was traveling backwards.

I reached the driver's seat and began applying the brakes, but the van still wouldn't slow down. We raced along backwards through a couple intersections. I blew the horn we barely missed hitting a brown pick-up truck and a man stepping out of his truck.

We were traveling on the streets of Portsmouth along the Twelfth Street underpass. I had almost reached Offnere Street when I finally managed to slow the van down. To my right I saw a turn-off into which I managed to back the van.

Finally the van stopped. Although I was unaware of any metamorphosis, the van now seemed like my father's green Chrysler automobile. I was sitting behind the steering wheel while Roleen and the baby sat beside me. I suggested we could both go to my place; she thought that sounded like a good idea. I began to back up; but then I noticed that the front hood was all crumpled up. The wrecked hood surprised me because I didn't remember having hit anything.

I kept backing up until I noticed a car had pulled in front of me to get on to the ramp to the main road. Apparently the car had hit me because it's whole front end was smashed up. I backed off the road, stopped the car and got out to investigate.

By now another car and truck had crashed into the first car and the three wrecked vehicles plus my own car made an awful scene. A crowd began to gather. I approached the man who had been driving the first car and I asked him if anyone had been hurt. He said that he was banged up. He was too drunk on alcohol to tell if anyone else was injured.

Another car pulled up. My father, my sister, my brother-in-law James (who was wearing a blue tie), my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel all stepped out of the car. My father walked up to me; I tried to get my father away from the intoxicated driver to tell him (my father) what had happened. I told him I had been stopped in the turnoff and had been headed the wrong way. He said the wreck then would be my fault.

I knew the insurance would cover it, but then I told him the other driver was intoxicated. He replied that the wreck might then be the other driver's fault. He finally concluded that the wreck would probably be considered my fault, but that the other driver would be unable to sue me for fraud. He said that "fraud" meant to "strangle" and then he put his hands on my neck to demonstrate what he meant. He said the other driver wouldn't be able to do that.

Meanwhile, Clarence was busy trying to straighten out the hood on the wrecked truck.

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