Dream of: 20 August 1980 "Square Hole In Round Hole"

I was on a grassy lawn talking with a little blonde girl (only about 5 years old). I had my flute with me. I let her hold it and she walked over into a forest area with it.

A fellow carrying what appeared to be a clarinet showed up and a second fellow showed up with a musical instrument over two meters long. I first thought he had an oboe, but then decided it was an oversized clarinet. The instrument had wheels and resembled a motorcycle. Someone even commented that if a seat were merely added, it could be ridden. It was rusty in some places. I said I thought the rusty spots could be sanded down, but the fellow who owned it seemed to think those place would have to be replaced.

Suddenly I had my father's old clarinet. I was blowing on it and some sounds were coming out, although they were squeaky. I asked another musician there what was the fingering for C. He was unfriendly and said he didn't know. But the fellow with the clarinet which looked like a motorcycle showed me. There was only one hole to be covered with my left forefinger, but the hole was too large and I couldn't make my finger cover it completely. Inside the large round hole I thought saw a more deeply set square hole and tried to put my finger on it.

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