Dream of: 15 August 1980 "Waxy Paper"

It was Sunday. After having had an argument with my father, I was in a bad mood and left him. I went to downtown Portsmouth, where I encountered Jeff Hurley and boarded his car. Jeff drove to a drive-in carry-out where the Shawnee Restaurant normally stood. When we pulled up to the carry-out window, I saw a half gallon of vodka standing on the counter. I thought about grabbing it and leaving without paying, but instead, I told the man in the carry-out to give me a fifth of whiskey and some Pepsi. I paid the man and we drove away. I began drinking the alcohol, but Jeff didn't want to drink.

I wanted to play a game of basketball with Jeff and began thinking of shooting the ball. I knew he was better than I at basketball, but I thought I had a chance of beating him.

I finally stopped drinking the alcohol and we returned to the corner where the carry-out was. I began thinking about what had just happened. I knew I had been dreaming and tried to understand why the action of the dream had taken place on that particular corner.

Brian Morris (a Portsmouth acquaintance) and another young fellow stepped up. Brian sat down on what appeared to be a little table. He was waiting for some folk-dancing people. I asked the fellow with Brian for a piece of paper. He had several sheets, but they all had some poems written on them.

Finally I found a blank piece of paper and went to a house standing next door where the Ramada Inn normally stood. I sat on the front porch and began writing my dream. But the paper didn't want to accept the ink in some parts. It was as if the paper had wax on it. A man came, entered the driveway to the house and then went around to the side of the house.

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