Dream of: 04 May 1980 "Embarrassing Dream"

I had gone to work on Monday morning at the Census Bureau (where I worked for about six months in 1980) in Chillicothe  (Ohio's first capital, about 60 kilometers north of Portsmouth). With me I had taken a dream which I had written the night before. When I began talking with some of my coworkers, I told them I had dreamed about someone at the Census Bureau, but I couldn't bring myself to tell them the name of the person. I also wouldn't let any of them see the dream.

About six other people and myself sat down together at a big table. I wasn't sure who the others were, but they seemed as if they were my coworkers. The woman sitting to my right seemed like Laurie (a slightly obese woman in her mid 20s who worked as my assistant at the Census Bureau).

I proceeded to tell the others that I had dreamed of someone but that the dream was rather embarrassing and that I didn't think it would be prudent to tell the dream to them. When they showed interest in the dream, however, I decided to let each of them read it. But first I tore out the name of the person who had so embarrassingly appeared in the dream. Her name was "Jean," and the name had appeared twice.

All six people read the dream. They could clearly see the person whose name I had torn out was a female, because I had used the word "her" several times.

When they had finished reading, I asked them to guess the name of the person whose name I had torn out and they all began guessing. Two said "Jean" (referring to the woman to my right who resembled Laurie). Two others said two different names.

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