Dream of: 19 September 1979 "Se Abre La Puerta"

I was with about 500-1,000 male and female prisoners in a jail which resembled a large gymnasium. Most people appeared to be my age or younger.

A man in charge, who was wearing a uniform, left the room. One of the prisoners, whose name was Frank, decided to go to the desk where the man had been sitting and destroy some things on the desk. A little machine for stamping ink on someone's hand was lying on the desk. Frank picked it up. He intended to mutilate it by writing something on it. I protested, approached him and said that if he harmed the stamper, he was going to cause trouble for everyone. But he was adamant and he insisted on destroying the things in the desk. I in turn insisted he not harm anything and I was prepared to fight with him over the matter. I was on the verge of completely losing my temper, but then realized I needed to control myself. So I simply continued talking.

Suddenly Frank grabbed my left hand with his right hand and my right hand with his left so our fingers interlocked. We both began applying pressure to our holds, testing each other's strength.

Everyone else in the room sat watching, while Frank and I continued talking. I was hoping someone else might help me prevent Frank from doing any damage. But no one would do anything. Finally I said if no one else cared, then it would probably be best to just let Frank do whatever he wanted to. Then we would all just get into trouble.

Frank and I separated and he walked over to the other side of the room. Suddenly a young fellow jumped up and went after Frank. Frank picked up a board and began pounding the fellow with it. I grabbed a chair and started toward Frank with it. But then I noticed a couple other fellows who were going to take up for Frank. Suddenly a big fight erupted and people began fighting all about. I saw Frank head back toward the desk.

Some other people headed toward a back door and I followed them. At the door, some prisoners were screaming through a window in the door at a fellow outside the door. Apparently the fellow outside only spoke Spanish and I realized the prisoners were screaming, "Se abre la puerta! Se abre la puerta!"

The fellow answered in English, "You want the window opened?"

I replied excitedly, "Yes, I want the window opened?"

He opened it and the other prisoners and I began running across a large yard. I saw a rifle lying on the ground, but I thought it wasn't real and I didn't touch it. I saw three men in green army uniforms running toward us. The uniforms looked like Iranian army uniforms. Although all three men had rifles, they didn't shoot anyone.

A wire fence about two meters tall separated us from the outside. I looked around at all the people running toward the fence. Looking back at the building, I realized it was a converted school building being used to house prisoners. Outside I now saw that we were in a school yard and the fence was like one which would normally be around a school yard and wasn't like a prison fence.

Everyone kept running toward the fence and I could see some of the prisoners had already gone over the fence. No shooting was going on. As I ran I became more and more tired. I thought the guards would probably open fire before I reached the fence and I would be shot. Some people to my right had found a slide in the playground and had brought it to the fence. They were climbing up it and using it to go over the fence. But I thought I would run as hard as I could toward the fence, jump about half way up on it and just pull myself on over. While I ran, I began pondering what I would do when I was on the other side. Where would I go? I thought maybe I should try to find someone else so together we thread our way out of wherever we were.

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