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Dream of: 16 September 1979 "Beautiful Watch"

I found myself in a modern building which seemed to be on the corner of Chillicothe and Front Streets in Portsmouth, Ohio where the Checker Store used to be. I was in a small reception room which had beige walls and a counter in the middle of the room. I had come to collect my mail and also for my pay check for working in my father's insulation factory.

Ron Bell's mother was behind the counter and she handed me three envelopes and a pocket watch. I had ordered the watch before; it cost around $150. It didn't look like an ordinary pocket watch it had an unusual design of a key and a car at the same time. The face was pure white with tiny black numbers and thin black hands. The frame of the watch looked gold but couldn't have been gold because of the large amount. I examined the back to see how much gold it contained and saw the writing 14K but was unable to see if an F was after the K which would indicate it was gold filled.

Ron's mother looked at the watch and said that if I didn't want it to bring it back and she would buy it from me for Ron. I was surprised by that and asked her if she would really do such a thing.

I walked into another room and contemplated buying a golden chain for my watch so it could hang from my belt into my pocket. My father walked in and after seeing the watch commented that was the best he'd been offered. I looked at it again and thought how beautiful it was.

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