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Dream of: 01 August 1979 "Vermicelli"

After Ron Bell (a Portsmouth acquaintance), my father and I finished working at my father's insulation factory, we sat around talking for a while and then drove to West Portsmouth in the vicinity of Carey's Run. We stopped at a two-story, frame, farm house, walked inside into the kitchen and began talking. I learned my father had bought the house and he apparently now wanted to live here and work on the surrounding farm.

It was growing late, about 6 p.m.

In a small pantry room to my left some people kept appearing and fading away. Once, startled to see a black man sitting in there, I jumped up and nervously screamed, "Hello."

Several other people then appeared; a blonde woman (probably in her early 20s) whom I didn't see at first was with them. When my back was turned the girl said, "Hello, Steven."

I turned and looked at her, but I didn't recognize her. She was quite attractive and had a well-proportioned body. She said she had met me at a party and I asked her which one. When she replied it was at the Hebners, I said, "Oh yes, the Hebners."

I told her I hadn't been back to the Hebners since that night because I really didn't care much for Julia Hebner and I thought the feeling was mutual. But I did think I would like to see more of the girl.

My father and I spoke about what work I could do here on the farm, which had several barns and considerable acreage. I suggested I could raise mushrooms. Ron said that should be easy enough, but I told him that raising mushrooms was actually quite difficult and that much effort was required to train the vermicelli to run through the dirt.

We walked outside to the back of the house where I was surprised to see many people walking around. My father and Ron walked off in a different direction and I entered a side building where I discovered several people standing in front of what appeared to be a lunch counter. I was disoriented and tried to figure out whether the building was part of my father's property. After I began talking to an old man who pointed out some prices on the wall, I began to realize the building was some type of hotel. Rooms cost $90 a month or $200 for three months. Although it was a bit like a resort, all the people here seemed to be neighbors.

I walked back outside and a throng of about 20 red calves ran up to me. They were tame and I patted a few on the head. Thinking how nice it would be if there were a lake here for swimming, I looked to my right and saw a lake with a few white ducks on it. I walked to the edge of the lake and saw that the water was a clear bluish green. Some people were jumping in the water. I knew I would sink if I jumped in because I was wearing heavy brogan shoes.

Ron walked up to me and some people suddenly began pushing us. Ron and I fell in the water. I tried to decide whether to use my hands to tread water or to untie my shoes, which were pulling me down. Ron couldn't swim and clutched my leg. He began pulling me under and wouldn't let go. It looked as if I were going to drown.

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