Dream of: 18 July 1979 "King Cabin"

I was riding in the back seat of a car which belonged to my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel. Clarence was driving and Mabel was sitting in the passenger side of the front seat. They had recently moved from Gallia County, Ohio to neighboring Lawrence County and they were taking me to visit their new home. For some reason I had earlier thought Clarence had died and that Mabel was now living alone. Obviously I had been mistaken, since Clarence was now driving the car.

I looked at a map and saw that Clarence and Mabel had built their house in a secluded area. I followed our course on the map as we drove along. Several times we came to places where the road had been washed out and we were forced to drive through mud and water.

I enjoyed the view of the countryside as we drove along. I noticed on the map that we would be passing a historical pioneer log cabin; looking out the window to my right, I saw signs and markers pointing to the cabin. Then I saw the cabin itself about 100 meters away. It was called "King Cabin."

We soon came to a place where we had to turn off the road and drive into a field. I commented that it might not be good for Mabel to be living so far away from human contact. It occurred to me that I might rebuild my Cabin here.

We drove briskly along; I noticed some houses on my left which I began counting. Another fellow was also in the car; I asked him to count the houses on the right. We seemed to be passing through a small village; I counted about 20 nice-looking houses and trailers. We passed a school that was only for Jewish children and I concluded there must be many Jewish people in the area if they even had their own school here. Then we passed a regular public school.

We finally came to another turnoff in the road and Clarence began driving quite fast, over 100 kilometers per hour. I was anxious to arrive and get out of the car.

When we finally stopped at another turnoff, I was told the house wasn't far away. A country store was on the left which was also a type of historical site and contained a museum. It was at least an improvement that Mabel would have a store nearby.

Having stepped out of the car, I walked into the store, bought something to eat and sat down at a table where some men who looked like college professors were having an interesting conversation. The man across the table from me was talking about America and capitalism and was using a passage from the New Testament to illustrate his point.

He finished speaking and looked at me. I said that capitalism was fundamental for the American way of life or that at least it was fundamental for part of America. A woman sitting at the table voiced her disagreement. I responded that I had meant that capitalism was fundamental to America as it now was and that I didn't think the capitalist structure could be peacefully changed. If it were changed, it would have to be by an armed rebellion. I was thinking about the prophecies of Karl Marx that capitalism must be overthrown by an armed rebellion. Other people began gathering at the table. A young fellow sat down to my left, ate a banana and seemed to be listening quite intently to what we were saying.

I stood and walked out of the store. I looked about the place outside and decided it indeed would have been much better for me to have built my Cabin here rather than on the isolated hills of Gallia County. Could I move the Cabin? I started talking about that possibility with someone and he began listing the problems I would have with building permits and other governmental red tape. I became disgusted with the idea of the government interfering with a man's life to such an extent that he couldn't even build himself a house to live in.

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