Dream of: 16 July 1979 "Shaman"

I seemed to be some type of shaman or witch doctor in a primitive tribal society. A man who seemed like the chief of the tribe brought his daughter to see me. The man's image was hazy, but he seemed to be dressed in ornate clothing consisting mainly of white feathers. He had brought his daughter to me to be cured. She had been carried in on some type of bed which had a roof over it. She lay in front of me crying. Indeed her problem was that she wouldn't stop crying. I had expected her to be only 2 years old but she looked more as if she were 7 years old. She was wearing slacks and a blouse and an orange hue predominated.

I had an instrument which resembled a coat hanger except it was white and had a handle for holding it where the hook would have been. It reminded me of a toy I used to have which had magnets on the end so one could hold it by the handle and pick up rather large metal objects. I circled the bed, aimed the instrument and lowered and raised it over the girl. It was supposed to have some kind of power. I also talked to the little girl as I did this and I told her that her brother had loved her. I completely circled the bed and came to her head. She was crying and seemed immobile. Her arms were frozen rigid at her sides and she couldn't move them. I was drawn to her and I wanted much to help her. I approached her and laid both hands on her head. I gave her a jolt of energy which seemed more mental than physical. It was similar to what a faith healer would do.

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