Dream of: 01 July 1979 "Out Of Touch"

I was sitting on a curb in front of my sister's home on Grandview Ave in Portsmouth, watching a woman standing by the mailbox in front of Mound Park Pharmacy on the other side of the street. The woman said something to me and at first I didn't know who she was, but suddenly I realized she was Birdie. She looked older, but still quite attractive, although something about her general demeanor was disconcerting. She somehow seemed more lively than I had known her to be. I wanted to speak with her and learn how she was doing. I crossed the street and tried to speak to her, but a crowd began gathering and interrupted us.

I quickly learned that Birdie had brought a large amount of blotter LSD into town and that the people were buying it from her. She became so engrossed in extracting the LSD from a black billfold and distributing it that she didn't have time to talk with me.

Clearly Birdie had changed since I used to know her. She acted with abandon and I was worried for her. I wanted badly to talk with her and learn what had happened to her, but the crowd was too large. Suddenly she boarded a car with a couple black fellows and drove off to make a sale.

When I later learned Birdie was supposed to go to the Harts Department Store, I went there and found another large crowd waiting to buy LSD from her. Some people had been waiting a long time and no one seemed to know where she was. I began talking with some of the people about the LSD and everyone agreed it was some of the best that had ever been around.

Stevens (a former high school schoolmate) was there; he was wearing what looked like a cowboy suit with white frills dangling from the vest. A group of children also seemed to be nearby in front of the store practicing some type of combination of ballet and army exercises. The children contrasted strongly with the group of drug users of which I was a part.

Birdie never showed up. I later learned she apparently now owned a van which she had driven to town. When I found out where the van was, I went to it. There I found Birdie in the van surrounded by a throng of people. She was wearing earphones and listening to music. I learned she had taken some of the LSD a short time before and was under its influence. I finally managed to get close to her and speak to her without the earphones on.

She seemed dazed, but aware of what was going on, even though she appeared to be clearly out of touch with her surroundings. He confusion seemed due not only to the drug, but in a much deeper sense. Somehow I convinced her she should get rid of all the people here so the two of us could spend some time together. Although she was the center of attention, she still seemed to be dejected. I told her I also would take some LSD together with her. I began herding the other people from the van.

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