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Dream of: 21 May 1979 "Heat From The Grave"

While in the Mound Park Pharmacy in Portsmouth, Ohio, I encountered a woman whom I at first didn't recognize. I asked her who she was and she said she was my grandmother Leacy. I began questioning her, finally asked her where she was now; she replied, "Heaven."

She said she was happy now. At first she had been in a place which she hadn't liked; but now everything was much better. I hugged her. She seemed older than she had in life almost like a ghost.

I asked her if she had seen my grandfather Liston there and she said she hadn't. She said there was a monument of him in Mound Park Pharmacy and also one in another place. But she laughed and said she hadn't run into him. Although my encounter with her was short, it had seemed to last for a long time.

I then ran into two boys and a dog who had also died. I had gone to the funeral of one of the children. When my old college professor, Rembert Glass, walked up, I led him over to the side. I told him the two boys and the dog had already been dead for a long time. He was immediately interested.

We had a cigarette lighter which also had apparently returned from the grave. Rembert lit it. I felt the heat and told him it was hot.

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