Dream of: 24 March 1979 "Moving Stairs"

I was having a nightmare in which I seemed to be in prison in Iran. I screamed in my sleep and awoke my mother and my sister. I could hear them complaining in their rooms because I had awakened them.

I got out of the bed and exited the back door. I wanted to walk a bit; once outside I found myself on the campus of The Ohio State University. I knew it must be late; I was afraid the police would stop me and ask for identification. I fumbled around in my pockets searching for some kind of identification, but I didn't think I had any. Finally I pulled an old Ohio State identification card from my pocket.

As I walked about, I began thinking I had earlier visited the administration office on campus; suddenly I once again found myself in the office talking with a lady about obtaining a new identification card. She told me the machine wouldn't function until Monday. We talked for a moment and she mentioned they now had a "moving stairs" in the office. I looked around and said, "Oh you mean escalators."

I saw the escalator running and added, "I wonder how much energy that consumes. In some places they have escalators that only run when a person steps on them and pushes a button."

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