Dream of: 24 January 1979 "Imposter"

Around 5 a.m., I was at the Grandview Avenue House. The telephone rang and I answered it. It was for me; on the other end was a girl whose voice I seemed to recognize but still couldn't identify. At first I thought she was speaking Latin or some language derived from Latin, but then I realized she was speaking German. I had been expecting the call but now was surprised it had finally come. As I talked on the phone, I lay down on the floor in front of the television which was turned on.

On the phone I could hear a stereo playing in the background. The girl didn't tell me her name and I didn't ask because I was embarrassed that I couldn't remember who she was. I asked her when we had last seen each other and she gave me an old date. I was unsure whether she had said nineteen weeks or a half year, but it surprised me because that meant that she was a completely different person than the person from whom I had been expecting to hear. I was still happy to be talking with her, whoever she was.

I noticed she had started speaking English, but I wanted to speak German because I knew my mother was in the House and I didn't want to wake her up. I also turned the television down so it wouldn't wake up my mother. When I stepped back to the phone from the television, I saw that my mother was now standing in the room. She looked older than usual. I wanted to know what she wanted and I said something to her. Then I heard a voice on the phone say, "Hello, Steven. This is your mother."

I stared at the figure standing in front of me she appeared to be my mother, but I concluded she was an impostor. I screamed at her, "You've killed my mother!"

I thought of calling the police. I grabbed the woman by the throat as if I were going to strangle her and I dragged her through the back door outside where it was still dark. While still holding her by the neck, I picked up some stones and threw them at the windows of the neighbor's house to try to get the attention of someone inside. Finally I picked up a broom and broke out one window of our House to make a loud noise. I wanted to wake up the neighbors so someone would call the police.

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