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Dream of: 23 January 1979 "Yellow Birds"

My father had given me a small two-story house in the deep woods near the Gallia County Farm. Although I was contemplating moving to the little house, such a move would be difficult because I was still attending school in Portsmouth (around 60 kilometers from the Farm). If I lived in the little house so far from Portsmouth, I would have to take a long bus ride to school every day. I had already spoken to my old high school friend, Buckner, about the house, and had even invited Buckner to live with me. But since Buckner was also still attending school in Portsmouth, I doubted he would want to live in my house and travel so far to school.

After driving my car out to the little wooden house, I parked nearby and climbed out. Before heading to the house, I turned and walked up the side of a nearby hill until I found a refreshing spot to sit in the grass. Once I was seated on the tranquil hillside, I was pleased to spot some animals nearby. When three squirrels appeared near me, I mused that I might be able to feed them something. The idea brought to mind a book I had recently read about a monk. When the monk would stretch out his hands into the air, butterflies would alight and sit on his finger tips. I had the fanciful notion that I might be able to attract squirrels the same way the monk had attracted butterflies. Since I loved wild animals, I would be thrilled to be able to beckon them to me. I felt fortunate being near wildlife like that and as a band of yellow birds flew overhead, I thanked God for my happiness.

When night finally began to creep in, I stood and headed for the house. After venturing inside, I straightway entered the bedroom on the ground floor. I had already decided to spend the night, and when I found a bed in the room, I lay down on it and closed my eyes. No sooner had I stretched out and become comfortable than I heard a noise in the adjoining room. I opened my eyes and through the darkness I was able to make out the figure of a man shuffling through the next room. Frightened and uncertain what to do, I picked up a handgun lying next to the bed and loaded it. I aimed the gun toward the figure, pulled the trigger and fired six times. When I had finished shooting, I could see the man's shadow, but not the man. Since the shadow reflected a standing person, I knew the man must still be on his feet, and from the way the shadow shifted through the adjacent room, I deduced the man was heading up the stairs to the second floor.

Since I was now out of bullets, when I was sure the man had retreated all the way up the stairs, I jumped from the bed, hurried back outside, and bounded to my car. Once I reached the car, I searched for more bullets. When I found the bullets, before I could reload the gun, the man darted out of the house, jumped into another car, and sped off.

As I stood frightened and befuddled, yet another car pulled up to the house and parked. When three men stepped from the car, I screamed that I had a gun, and that they shouldn't try to enter the house. Suddenly I recognized the three: they were chums from high school Tindall, Grant, and Pence. They had all stopped by to party. Obligingly I headed toward the house with them and we all walked inside.

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