Dream of: 22 January 1979 "Green Beans"

My black-haired girlfriend, Birdie, was pregnant, but the baby was outside her, like the egg of a chicken. The baby didn't look like an egg, but like green beans. Birdie was supposed to take care of the green beans until the baby came, but she didn't want to. When the beans were only a day or two old, she left them in the attic of the Gay Street House.

Although the green beans had been in the attic for less than a day when I found them, they had already started to rot from lack of care. A few maggots were even in them. Thinking I would still be able to save them, I gathered up the beans and carried them down to the basement, where I carefully washed the eggs in a river which ran through the basement. Having finished, I placed the green beans in a bowl and walked back upstairs. I wanted to take the beans back up to the attic and put them under a board where I thought they would be safe.

To reach the attic, however,  I had to pass through my father's bedroom. Quietly I turned off the lights in the room next to my father's, looked into the bedroom and saw Kay in the bed. Afraid I would wake her, I walked quietly past her and reached the attic door. I could hear someone moaning up in the attic I knew it was Birdie. She had returned for her beans and found them gone. I walked up into the attic, stepped into the little room built into the attic, and started to turn on the light.

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