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Dream of: 20 January 1979 (2) "Spy Movie"

A beautiful, young, blind girl who looked like Birdie was with me at the House in Patriot. I decided I wanted to marry her. We left and went to a movie theater. Once inside, we saw on the movie screen a man who was supposed to be a spy. He was with his wife in a house trailer and apparently she was blind. He explained to her that he had received some new orders from his superior. He had been ordered to drive a gas truck into a building in a type of kamikaze attack in which he knew he would die. After he told his wife, he went into the toilet.

Meanwhile I explained to the blind girl what was on the screen.

When the man got into the toilet, he noticed some water with blood mixed in it was in the sink. He picked up a bottle and looked into it. His wife then walked into the toilet behind him. He could see her through the mirror which was in front of him. He then noticed another figure behind his wife. At first he thought it was a man. It was frightening. Suddenly the figure struck his wife and she fell to the ground. It was then clear that the figure was really a woman. She was wearing a military uniform and looked just like Adolph Hitler.

Suddenly the scene on the screen switched to Teheran, Iran. The Shah of Iran was in a parade moving through streets crowded with thousands of people. The parade had to go in a zigzag motion to avoid hitting people.

I then noticed that the people in the theater were also cheering and that in fact we were in Teheran ourselves. Some people in the theater were holding up their index fingers to show they were number one.

I then sat in the same seat with the blind girl and began feeling her breast.

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