Dream of: 18 January 1979 "The Old Key-Maker"

I was in Portsmouth, planning to borrow a big blue car from my mother to make a trip south. Although I had already packed everything into the car and had said good-bye to everyone, I thought I should say good-bye to my mother once more. Since she would probably start crying, however, I decided to just leave without saying anything more.

I drove off heading south through Kentucky. After having traveled for about 2 hours, I abruptly realized I had left the key to the trunk of the car in the pants pocket of a light-blue pair of pants which I had locked in the trunk. Many things I would later be needing were in the trunk; what should I do?

I arrived in a familiar town where I knew there was a shop which made keys because I had ordered one made here once before. I parked my car, stepped out and headed for the shop. As soon as I found the shop, I walked inside and saw an old man whom I recognized as the same man who had once before made a key for me. He, however, didn't recognize me. I felt like asking him if he remembered me, but I didn't.

I asked him how much time he would need to make a key for a trunk; he told me it would probably take a half hour to forty-five minutes. I asked how much the key would cost and he said between $7 and $13. I told him that would be fine and I went to fetch the car. But then I began to ponder: the key would probably end up costing about $11; maybe returning to Portsmouth and fetching another key from my mother would be best.

So instead of returning to the shop, I boarded the car and returned to Portsmouth. I arrived in the morning and went to the Gay Street House. My father was in the House. He called me into the upstairs living room. When I went to him, I at once saw he was angry. I pulled up an old red chair which I hadn't seen in the House for about 10 years and I sat down on it.

My father and I looked each other in the eye. I began talking; I really didn't understand what the problem was and I likewise became angry. My father told me I couldn't use the car any more. I didn't understand why, but I thought it had something to do with my having told the key-maker that he could make the key and then having left without going back to him. I thought the old key-maker must have been a friend of my grandmother Mabel. I also thought my father and my mother were going to visit my grandmother today and that possibly they were even going to the same town where the old key-maker lived. They might even run into him there.

Nevertheless, my father's words were still unclear to me. I really didn't need the car to leave; and he couldn't prevent my going. My mother was standing in the doorway. I stood up and said we had never been a family which could straighten out our problems with each other.

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