Dream of: 12 October 1978 "Kuala Bear"

I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse with my brother Chris and my uncle Ronald; Ronald seemed a bit like my second-cousin Don. When Ronald saw something on the hill in back of the Farmhouse, he took a picture of the thing with an instamatic camera. He showed me the picture; it showed a Kuala bear hanging on the lines which were stretched from two telephone poles at the top of the hill. When I looked in the direction of the poles, the bear had disappeared. I wondered if we should climb the hill and try to find it. Clearly the bear couldn't have gone far. We continued looking until we saw the bear climbing up one of the poles. We decided to go up to where it was.

Ronald, Chris, and I headed toward the hill. When we reached the foot of the hill, we had to climb through a wire fence. We had only gone about 20 steps up the hill when we looked up and saw something strange going on. On top of the hill was much commotion. A leopard and an eagle seemed to be fighting with each other; suddenly they began coming in our direction. The eagle was in the lead and the leopard was trying to catch it. I was terrified; I quickly tried to help Chris back toward the fence.

When the two animals were only a few steps away from us, Bernhardt (a German fellow whom I met in 1978) suddenly ran through the fence and jumped on the leopard. I realized the animal wasn't actually a leopard, but a wildcat. I was thoroughly surprised by Bernhardt's action. The wildcat's teeth shone. Bernhardt and the wildcat fell together to the ground. Bernhardt held the cat's legs together, but neither the cat nor Bernhardt could gain the advantage. Finally the wildcat tore itself away from Bernhardt; I was unhappy because it seemed one of the wildcat's legs had been wounded.

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