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Dream of: 11 October 1978 (2) "Ashtray In The Face"

I had recently returned from Iran and had gone to the Gay Street House where I found my father sitting at his desk complaining about how he now drank too much alcohol. Some glasses were sitting on his desk and he said his friend John Roach had just been there a short while ago drinking with him. Then he began telling me a little story. He said the day before he had had two whores in the House and when he had told them to leave, one had thrown an ashtray in his face. Then he had told them they could stay.

My father and I walked upstairs where we found two men sitting in the upstairs living room. I asked my father who the men were and he said one was a friend of mine. I looked at the man and asked my father if the man's name was Don, but my father didn't know. The second man was clearly in bad shape.

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