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Dream of: 11 October 1978 "Pieces Blesses"

I was in a dormitory room reading a picture magazine which resembled a Mad magazine. I began looking at a picture resembling ones drawn by the illustrator Don Martin. The picture showed a man and his daughter sitting in front of a meat store selling pieces of meat. The father said to his daughter, "Go into the store and fetch some 'pieces blesses des pieces blesses'."

I thought that meant they sold only the worst kind of meat.

Around the picture was a series of other pictures which told another story. One part showed a judge who had been thrown into prison. He spoke with the people in prison and said he was going to become so small he would be able to whisper into a person's ear and perhaps so small he could actually go into a person's brain.

I wanted to smoke a joint. I had a baggie full of marijuana and a roach out of which all the marijuana had fallen. I went to the toilet and locked the door behind me. I filled the roach up with marijuana from the baggie and smoked it. But it wasn't enough I wanted to smoke more. Unfortunately, however, I had left my cigarette papers in the other room.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door. I went to the door, looked out through a crack and saw a fellow who wanted to use the shower standing there. I refused to open the door. Finally he went away. I began looking around the toilet for cigarette papers; I searched through the drawers of a desk sitting here. In one drawer I saw some Mexican money which I earlier had put there. Finally I decided to simply use some paper out of a notebook. I opened a window and turned on the shower so the smoke would be dissipated.

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