Dream of: 22 September 1978 (2) "Unnecessary Words"

I had an appointment to talk with Albert Einstein in his office, but I wrote him a note explaining I wasn't going to be able to come. But then I decided to go anyway. I went into his office and started talking to him. He was a jovial person and told me mathematics wasn't difficult. I said most people in universities said calculus was the most difficult subject.

He began telling me a little story. He said once when he had been a professor of physics his students had been complaining because the work was too difficult. So he simply told them they should close their books and not do anything. Then they were all to glad to do their work.

I lay down on the floor on my back and asked him if he thought since all things were put together so perfectly and since things moved around us the way they did that there was actually life behind their movements. He told me energy was everywhere and that energy was like life.

He handed me back the note I had written him. He had crossed out half the words because they were unnecessary.

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